Hey there, I’m a 19 year old student who likes to build things.

  • I’m a student at the University of Texas at Austin majoring in Computer Science
  • I work part time at Yelp making things that change the way people interact with local businesses
  • Thoughts about entreprenuership and full stack development keep me up at night
  • JavaScript is the One True Language (but I’ll use any tool that gets the job done)

I like to make things that people use. A short list of some of my more popular endeavors:

  • Sketch League - a Pictionary-style multiplayer game based on the popular video game League of Legends. Currently has around 400,000 registered users and a few million games played.
  • Growver - I built the app that controls a lawn-watering robot that was featured on CNBC’s Make Me a Millionaire Inventor! The website is my work as well.
  • Teams Mobile - a cross-platform K-12 education app that I was contracted to create
  • Grade Buzz - a (now-retired) app for my former K-12 school district for students to check their grades

My projects keep me busy and I like to write. Feel free to AMA!